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Race to the playoffs in 2024-2025: it’s a dream come true for the Habs, says Geoff Molson
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With the playoffs approaching in the National Hockey League, it’s hard not to look at the Montreal Canadiens and get excited for those playoff games that are so spectacular to watch.

For the third season in a row, we have to settle for thinking about the lottery and the draft rather than the playoffs.

It’s normal and it’s for the best of the team, but it’s clear that it’s getting frustrating for many Habs fans not to even be in the playoff hunt.

We knew even before the season that the Tricolore wouldn’t fight for the playoffs, and we’ve known for a few months now that the Habs weren’t on track to surprise us, and that they’d once again finish at the bottom of the NHL.

In short, the rebuilding plan was once again respected this year.

But we’re beginning to wonder when the team will be back on the competitive side of the NHL and at least fighting for the playoffs for a good part of the season.

Well, according to owner Geoff Molson, the Tricolore could be back in the mix as early as next year.

Indeed, that’s what we read in an excellent article by Renaud Lavoie, who sat down with Molson to ask several questions on a variety of subjects.

One of these topics being the playoffs, Molson said that with the development of players this season, we can dream of seeing the Habs in the playoff race next season.

“It’s looking good for next season and we can dream of being in the mix next year because of all the development that’s been going on.” – Geoff Molson

The Habs owner is really pleased with the progress of the young players, and believes that many of them have improved and developed compared to where they were in September.

For Molson, the Habs are gearing up to become a very good team in the near future, and especially one that can dominate and not just hope, as he explained earlier this week.

“We see a team preparing to be a very good team soon.” – Geoff Molson

In short, if Molson’s words are anything to go by, believing in seeing the Habs in a playoff race in the 2024-2025 season isn’t crazy.

It would be nice to see the Habs have a season somewhat similar to that of the Detroit Red Wings this season.

In a gust

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– A big game for the Dallas Stars.

– Matt Murray is back, and will play a few games in the American League.

– Another Maple Leaf issue to watch.

– The world number one will be in the finals.

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