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Simon Boisvert wonders if the Habs went too fast with Caufield’s contract
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Is Cole Caufield having the season of his life?

Not necessarily, no.

The diminutive forward reached the 60-point plateau with an assist in last night’s game against the Flyers… But beyond his assists, it’s his goal totals we’re keeping an eye on, because he’s paid a lot of money to score. And with 24 goals so far this season, his performance has been somewhat disappointing.

Perhaps expectations were too high, because many were expecting him to score (at least) 40 this season.

His 26 goals in 46 games last year helped create said expectations, that said.

Simon Boisvert and Mathias Brunet took a look at #22’s season in the recent episode of “Processus”, and the Snake wonders if the Habs went too fast with the player’s contract.

Cole Caufield is a complementary player in his eyes, even if it’s true that the forward is a little better overall:

He’s improved, but in my opinion, he’s still a player who doesn’t have a big impact outside of scoring goals.

He has long sequences during games when you don’t see him at all. – Simon Boisvert

Cole Caufield earns an annual salary of $7.85 million and the Habs didn’t give him his contract because he’s good-looking and thin.

We all agree on that.

But we’re talking about a guy who puts a lot of pressure on himself, and he’s in the first year of his contract, which puts even more pressure on him.

It’s after next season that we’ll really be able to take a step back and assess the situation, because the sample will be bigger.

The aim isn’t to compare the careers of the two players, but rather their styles, because they’re both recognized as scorers… But Alex Ovechkin has also had some disappointing seasons in terms of goals scored.

For example, Ovi scored (only) 32 in his sixth NHL season, after finishing his first five campaigns with 52, 46, 65, 56 and 50 goals…

What I mean is, don’t push the panic button just yet, because bad seasons happen to even the best players.

Let’s wait a bit, because no one was complaining about Cole’s performance last season before he got hurt.

In short

– Good point.

– This would be cool.

– A big guy!

– Bon.

– Boom!

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