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Éric Girard wants regular Canadiens games in Quebec City
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Over the next few years, we know that the Canadiens are likely to play hockey in France. It should happen, and it could be regular-season games.

But could the Habs also play regular-season games outside the NHL’s 32 markets?

Éric Girard, the CAQ’s Nordiques Minister of Finance, told Gary Bettman during his recent visit to the NHL offices that he wanted the Habs to be able to play regular-season games at the Centre Vidéotron.

This is what journalist Patrick Bellerose reports.

Not only would the minister like to see the project go ahead, he would also like to see some conditions attached. The first is that the NHL support the project… even if it’s the Habs who decide.

If the Canadiens, because they’re independent, agreed to come and play games in Quebec City, I’d like the NHL to support that initiative. – Éric Girard

What’s more, the Minister’s office confirmed that no public funds would be disbursed to welcome the Canadiens to the city. We know that this is why the Kings’ preparatory games project is not well received publicly.

Would the Habs, who have played warm-up games in Quebec City in the past, agree to go this way? Would it be a good idea to take over the day’s lease to generate revenue? To be seen.

The idea would be to get the NHL talking about Quebec City. However, when you look at other issues, you have to wonder how much of a difference it would make to management.

But if it can bring hockey to the people of Quebec City, why not?

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