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Bell Centre: (still) the best ice, according to NHL players
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Have you ever had the opportunity to skate on the ice of the Bell Centre?

For those who haven’t, it’s a really cool experience. Why is that?

Because it feels like you’re floating on the ice, and the quality of the surface is so impressive.

The Habs have always had one of the best ice surfaces in the NHL, and the players still love it to this day.

A survey was conducted among several guys, and they voted for the Bell Centre in the category of best rinks:

It’s one of the elements that makes the experience so pleasurable for the various NHL players when they come to Montreal.

Playing at the Bell Centre is special because of the energy of the fans and the history that surrounds the Habs organization… But it helps when you also have the best ice infrastructure in the league.

It’s smoother, there’s less risk of injury…

In short. All this to say that the players really enjoy playing at the Bell Centre.

Several questions were put to NHL players as part of the survey.

For example, the players find the most intimidating amphitheatre in the NHL to be the Vegas Golden Knights

And also, the guys think that on the women’s side, Marie-Philip Poulin is the coolest player to watch.

Click here to see the results of the other questions put to the players.

In gusto

– They’ll face the Canadiens tomorrow night.


– Really?

– He’s one of a kind!

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