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Slafkovsky: the Habs send him videos of Mikko Rantanen and Patrick Kane
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Juraj Slafkovsky continued his fine form last night, enjoying himself against the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Slovakian scored his first career hat trick, giving him 48 points (19 goals) in 78 games this season.

He continues to show just how lightning-fast his progression curve is.

You can see just how unique Slaf’s style is. He’s able to score goals, he uses his body to create space and protect the puck, he loves to serve his teammates… At his size, players like him don’t run across the streets of the National League.

The Habs are working hard with him to make him a dominant player in the next few years, and they’re doing everything they can to make that happen.

For example?

Arpon Basu revealed on Georges Laraque and Stéphane Gonzalez’s show (BPM Sports) that the Habs send him clips of Mikko Rantanen and Patrick Kane (among others), so that he understands how to use his strengths on the ice:

Regardless of who he takes his cues from, Slaf needs to keep it up, because he’s clearly on the right track right now.

Above all, it’s the young man’s confidence and swagger on the ice that have been making themselves felt over the past few games.

It was often said during his first season in the NHL that he looked like a toddler on the ice, but lately it’s quite the opposite.

Slaf is arrogant, he’s solid on his skates, he goes into scrimmages to bump into other players… He’s come out of his shell and right now, he’s a sight to behold.

We must also salute the work of the coaching staff and the organization, because they’re doing a great job of coaching the first pick of the 2022 draft. It takes a certain willingness on the part of the player, but also on the part of management.

That wasn’t always the case before with young players, after all…


– The atmosphere is incredible.

– He’s smiling!

– Good write-up on the Rocket’s newcomer.

– It’s money.

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