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All signs point to the Coyotes moving to Salt Lake City
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Everyone has been waiting impatiently for this news.

It hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet…

But all indications are that the Coyotes will be relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah.

According to information from Frank Seravalli (Daily Faceoff), the Arizona Coyotes & Smith Entertain group and the NHL have made progress in discussions to relocate the Coyotes.

There’s “still a lot of work to be done” according to the tipster, but at least the file is progressing.

According to Greg Wyshynski, the Coyotes’ owner could sell his team to the league for $1 billion. The NHL would then sell the franchise to Jazz owner Ryan Smith for $1.3 billion.

The owners would split $300 million.

Even Coyotes players have been warned of the situation:

Seravalli’s news is very timely, because this morning we learned that the NHL has a schedule that includes Salt Lake City for next season (24-25 ).

By the way, there was a poll earlier this week to find a name for the NHL in Salt Lake City… And that doesn’t seem to be a coincidence either.

The Coyotes’ potential departure doesn’t mean the club will never return to Arizona.

The goal is still to build an (NHL) amphitheatre that will allow the club to play in the desert… But that could take some time.

Let’s also remember that this week, Scottsdale’s mayor said openly that he wanted nothing to do with the Coyotes and that he did not endorse the project for a new amphitheatre in the city.

Nothing has yet been confirmed, but according to an ESPN article, a relocation announcement could come as early as this month.

Things could move quickly…

In brief

– Impressive.

– Shaking it up.

– Beautiful images.

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