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“Kirby Dach was the best player at camp, in our opinion” – Kent Hughes
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Right now, everyone’s talking about how important Nick Suzuki is to the Habs. And it’s true.

I’m the first to say that, until proven otherwise, he’s the Habs’ most important forward going forward. Plus, he’s the #1 center and captain.

But can Kirby Dach heat up his ass?

Kirby Dach was excellent at the club’s training camp. He dominated the competition, and the former Hawks’ 2023-2024 season was clearly shaping up to be an interesting one.

Then… what happened happened.

Kent Hughes, speaking of Dach, often mentioned that the club didn’t expect to lose him after four periods. He said it again recently on Frank Seravalli’s podcast.

I recommend you listen to it.

But the Canadiens’ GM went even further: he confirmed that, on the sidelines of training camp, he was the club’s best player, according to… the club, that is.

Still, eh?

Kirby Dach was the best player at camp, in our opinion. – Kent Hughes

Let’s also remember that at camp, he was paired with Juraj Slafkovsky, who hadn’t had his blossoming yet. Imagine Dach with a Slaf 2.0, how crazy that could be.

If Dach ever picks up where he left off, there’s no telling if Suzuki could share first-center responsibilities with him. Wouldn’t that just be good for the Habs?

The next camp will be interesting as Dach gets back into game shape. I’m expecting a softer start to the season, while he regains confidence with his knee.

But when will that be? Caution.

Remember that plans never go the way you want them to. Having options in case things don’t go according to plan is important, and the Habs will need to have a plan next year if Dach gets hurt again.

But healthy Dach is a step closer to the playoffs.

In gusts

– Makes sense.

– Yes.

– Florian Xhekaj wants to play in the NHL.

– Cole Caufield is happy.

– Saku Koivu clearly enjoyed being the Habs captain.

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