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Even with the Hawks scandal, Joel Quenneville wants to return to the NHL
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Following the saga surrounding the Blackhawks (Kyle Beach) scandal, Joel Quenneville stepped down from his position with the Panthers.

He was head coach of the Florida team when the story broke in 2021.

Quenneville has never been seen behind a National League bench since, but that’s not because he’s not interested in returning.

Quenneville was on The Cam & Strick podcast recently, and he told both hosts that he feels bad about what happened when he coached the Hawks, when the Kyle Beach affair took place several years ago.

That said, Quenneville maintains that he deserves another opportunity:

I believe I deserve the chance to coach a club. – Joel Quenneville

The former coach goes on to say that there are several positions available (or coming up in the next few months) all over the NHL:

Quenneville still maintains to this day that he wasn’t aware of “the whole thing”, but blames himself for not asking enough questions with the organization.

Joel Quenneville is a hockey coach through and through.

He’s won three Stanley Cup rings with the Hawks, he’s been to the playoffs 20 times since the start of his career as a head coach…

But it’s probably his reputation and what happened on his watch in Chicago that could really hurt him going forward.

Although the Blue Jackets have decided to give Mike Babcock a chance at the start of the season, knowing what he did during his career…

In brief

There seems to be a certain trend, hehe.

– I like Bob Hartley’s explanations.

– Wow 😂

– Oh!

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