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John Tortorella: the Flyers prepared Carter Hart’s departure over the summer
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Nothing is going right for the Flyers. In a battle for a playoff spot, the Pennsylvania team has lost its last seven games, and head coach John Tortorella isn’t helping the cause.

After sending captain Sean Couturier to eat popcorn on the press gallery and openly criticizing his players about their desire to win, “Torto” has done it again with a statement about Carter Hart.

“We had conversations over the summer about Hart. We were aware that something was going to happen sooner or later. Let’s be honest about it.” – John Tortorella

Hart is absent indefinitely pending trial and left the team on January 23.

Not sure Flyers management will appreciate this public outing. Yes, Hart’s name was circulating in the rumours, but no one within the organization had given any further details about the internal discussions.

Tortorella could already be fired for his handling of players at the end of the season, so he won’t be making any more friends with this statement, especially with the “let’s be honest” part.

The Flyers head coach didn’t stop there. He mentioned that he doesn’t have the same confidence in his other goalies.

I understand that Tortorella is an experienced coach and that Daniel Brière, the general manager, has less experience, but all the conditions are in place for a dismissal unless the situation changes.

Brière has already shown that he’s not afraid to make daring decisions. The Matvei Michkov draft and the Cutter Gauthier trade are two good examples.

In gusts

– Ouch.

– Local opening in Toronto.

– Canada vs. United States tonight.

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