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We have to wonder if Jean-François Houle will be back with the Rocket
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Jean-François Houle is in his third season behind the bench of the Laval Rocket.

He was able to take the club to the playoffs in his first two campaigns with the club, but is still without a contract heading into the 24-25 season.

That said, one wonders what the organization’s plan is with the coach.

Anthony Marcotte, who covers the club’s activities for BPM Sports radio, spoke on the subject duringan appearance on JiC’s show on TVA Sports.

However, if the Rocket’s voice is anything to go by…

It’s all a blur at the moment, because even John Sedgwick (GM of the Rocket) refused to give any information about what’s next :

I asked John Sedgwick, the Rocket’s new general manager, about Jean-François Houle’s future. He refused to say more, other than to mention that it would be reassessed at the end of the season. – Anthony Marcotte

It has to be said that Jean-François Houle is doing a good job with the Habs’ club-school.

The Rocket are in the thick of the playoff race right now despite the team’s youth, and it’s going to be tough to qualify for the spring dance because Brandon Gignac is sidelined right now with an injury.

But the club is still in an interesting position, and that’s not to be overlooked, because even so, the Rocket is young.

Guillaume Lefrançois (La Presse) chatted to the Rocket coach this morning, and the latter told him that he’s not necessarily worried about what’s to come, because he has plenty of experience.

“If it’s not here with the Montreal Canadiens, it’ll be with someone else,” the coach told the reporter.

On the other hand, Houle may be doing a fine job in Laval… but it wasn’t Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton who hired him.

Will the new management want to trust a guy they know?

Has Jean-François Houle impressed new management enough to earn himself a new contract with the organization?

These are the questions that need to be asked, after all.

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