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Justin Barron still has value, says Renaud Lavoie
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Assessing Justin Barron’s potential isn’t easy.

Why is that?

Because the defenseman has been inconsistent in his performances since joining the National League.

The Habs sent him a big message when they sent him to Laval in the AHL to hone his game.

Of course, it’s always difficult for a player to be demoted to a lower level…

But Barron has the right mindset: he went to Laval with the right attitude and the goal for him was to improve and show the organization that he belongs with the big boys.

The defenseman is still very young (22) and we agree that the Habs aren’t going to give up on him. At least, not right now.

Barron has good qualities on the ice, and it can take longer for a defenseman to break through 100% in the big league. That said, the young man still has some value, according to Renaud Lavoie (BPM Sports), even if he’s having a tougher time of it this season:

We often say that there are going to be changes with the Canadiens (defensemen), but it’s certain that a guy like Justin Barron still has value. – Renaud Lavoie

The Habs aren’t full of right-handed defensemen, and that’s why Barron still has some value in my eyes.

After all, if he were left-handed… He’s surely one of those we’d put in the trade rumors, because the Habs won’t have the choice of getting rid of one or two defensemen to make room for the youngsters.

But Justin Barron was a first-round pick, and that’s no mean feat either.

He just needs to find a way to make himself indispensable on the ice and for Martin St-Louis’s team. That’s not going to happen by making defensive mistakes, though… Even if he does have some offensive potential.

The Habs have called him back (urgently) to evaluate him between now and the end of the season, and Barron needs to understand that too.

Because if he doesn’t perform up to his talent, he may very well change address in the coming months… Again.

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