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Even Scottsdale’s mayor wants nothing to do with the Coyotes
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I’m going to start my text with a confession.

The damn Arizona Coyotes case is really getting tiresome.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

There are developments in the story because Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega has decided to get involved.

What did he say?

He let the Coyotes know they’re not welcome in Scottsdale, where the organization is trying to buy land to build a new amphitheater.

In an article by Kevin Reagan (12 News), we read that David Ortega doesn’t believe in the project at all because the Coyotes can’t even fill Mullet Arena, where there are (approximately) 5,000 seats :

As things stand, the project must move west, away from Scottsdale. – David Ortega

The mayor also confided that the city of Scottsdale doesn’t have enough water resources to maintain a new amphitheater near the city :

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Eh la la.

When even the mayor of Scottsdale doesn’t want anything to do with the Coyotes… That says a lot about the state of things right now.

We know that for next year, the Coyotes will remain in Arizona. That said, what is the NHL’s long-term plan?

It’s been talked about a million times, but it’s up to the league to pull up its socks and make a major decision. But the situation should be unacceptable to NHL executives, but they’re turning a blind eye because the TV market in Arizona makes them money.

The money comes in, and that’s all that’s important to them.

It’s a shame.

In bursts

– The case is moving forward.

– The Penguins captain plays a big role in the club’s success.

– Nice contract.

– Will he be ready?

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