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Lightning-Penguins: a referee leaves the game on a stretcher
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
This afternoon, the Tampa Bay Lightning visited Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins. It was a particularly important game for the Penguins, who are fighting for a playoff spot.

Since no team in the East seems to want that last playoff spot, it opens the door to a club like the Penguins, in the end.

That said, even though the Penguins won by a score of 5-4 (and came very close, letting the Lightning back into the game after leading 4-1), it was a far more terrifying scene that caught the eye: a referee had to leave the game on a stretcher.

While in the middle zone, Steve Kozari collided (seemingly completely accidentally) with defenseman Haydn Fleury, and the fall was pretty heavy considering he never saw it coming.

We also note the “fencing” response, as the referee’s arms twitched. The video of the fall is not necessarily pleasant to watch.

Haydn Fleury also left the game, although he didn’t need a stretcher. Members of the Lightning team helped him back to the dressing room.

The medical team quickly intervened to attend to Kozari, who briefly became unconscious in the fall, as Emily Kaplan reported during the game broadcast.

The good news is that he later regained consciousness. The benches of both teams emptied, as the players went to show their support for the official.

Of course, we wish Kozari and Fleury all the best. It’s never pleasant to see an athlete or a referee suffer an injury like this, and it’s even less so when it’s all the result of a silly accident.

Let’s hope the news is good.

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