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The “untitled” article on Jonathan Roy and his father Patrick
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

When I do something, I don’t do it by halves. My boyfriends and work colleagues can all attest to that.

When JT and I decided to embark on our podcasting adventure, I went and did my homework. I banged out episodes of Prends un break, Buckboys, Sexe oral, Radio Pirate, Sous écoute, Rince-crème, Poche bleue, Tellement hockey and the list goes on…

I wanted to see what was being done in Quebec and how others had decided to jump into the podcasting vibe, without dipping too deeply into the American sauce. In fact, how they’d added our Quebecois sauce…

The guys at Prends un break – even though they basically speak more to my two teenagers ‘ generation than mine – have a quality product.

In January, they interviewed Jonathan Roy and asked him the real questions. I generally like that.

I remember being a bit baffled when I watched the interview(in bits and pieces), but not having covered the subject on DansLesCoulisses. My mind was elsewhere, I guess, because there are tons of punchy sequences in the podcast.

But now, a specific sequence from the episode in question has been in the news again this week, with Penelope McQuade taking issue with it on Instagram. I’ll let you watch it; it’s only 37 seconds long.

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Basically, Jonathan Roy talks about how, when he was younger, he liked to take naked dancers home with him when the bars closed and get sweaty in his father’s (Patrick Roy) spa. That was his trip.

Then one night, he looked up at the house while he was in the middle of it… and saw Patrick Roy waving at him.

I think he’d been watching what was going on for a while. – Jonathan Roy

Yes, yes, you read that right…

Pénélope McQuade shared the excerpt earlier this week, adding all the disgust she had for this kind of behavior (from the kid and/or the father, we don’t know).

Credit for this find goes to the folks at WorldOfStars.

(Credit: MondeDeStars/Instagram)

There are four, five layers to this “news” there today.

1. I’ll never understand why someone would go into such detail about their sex life online (public space). You know it and I don’t hide it: I like to know a little more than others about certain players or popular stars… but there are limits, aren’t there? #Trash

If such a story had happened to me, I would NEVER have told it in public.

And if my father called me Doctor La Plotte, which is impossible, I wouldn’t have said it anywhere. That, in my opinion, is real privacy. But then, maybe that’s just me too…

2. I really don ‘t care what Jonathan Roy does or could do in his spare time. If it’s between consenting adults – dancers or not – that’s OK for me.

3. I wonder, though, how Patrick Roy took it when someone showed him his son’s excerpt… which makes him seem at best a very “lousse” father , at worst a somewhat “deviant” one at that. C***s my dad would never do such a thing….

That’s the most interesting angle of the “news”, as far as I’m concerned: the involvement of Patrick Roy, former Canadiens star now coach of the Islanders, in a story told on a libertarian podcast in our Quebec Web universe.

Frankly, I’d like to know if he’s okay with it. Maybe a Montreal journalist will ask him when the Habs visit New York next week?

4. Pénélope McQuade has every right to be offended by such an excerpt. And to write about it on Instagram. #FreedomOfThought #FreedomOfExpression

5. It doesn’t make the famous hockey culturewe’ve been trying to eradicate for the past few years look very good.

6. I hope they don’t want to “cancel ” Jonathan Roy and/or his father. Penelope brought this story to themainstream.

Is it possible to disagree, dislike or dislike something (or someone) without brandishing the banner of “cancel culture”?

Inthe end, I think some information – especially when it concerns legends like Patrick Roy – could have been kept private. Did anyone really need to hear that?

Then this is me, one of the two guys from Stanley25, saying this. After all, we’re prudish, kind and reserved on the podcast…

For real! #LOL

In gusto

– Jonathan Roy also confided in the podcast that no, not all guys suck each other’s dicks in hockey showers…

– Watching Mario Dumont defend Minister Girard’s visit to New York reminds me of the good old “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” principle.[JDM]

– Will the Alouettes change broadcasters?

– One more Quebecer in the NHL.

– Things aren’t going well for him.

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