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Coyotes owner wants $1 billion to sell club
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The Arizona Coyotes aren’t necessarily the most pathetic franchise in sports anymore, now that we know the Oakland A’s (MLB) will be moving to a small stadium in Sacramento until they play in Las Vegas in 2028-if all goes well.

By the way, when an owner says he can’t wait to see stars hit home runs against his club, it’s pathetic.

But the fact remains that, in hockey, the Coyotes are in the worst situation arena-wise. The Arizona club plays in a university arena, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

In fact, the ‘Yotes’ biggest hope is to win the bid to buy a piece of land in Scottsdale in the next few months. An arena could then be built.

But of course, that’s easier said than done.

If the club wins the auction, an arena could be built in time for the 2027-2028 season. But if not? Well, that would be a problem. Another one, you might say, with a tanned look.

But in parallel with this project, the Coyotes are looking into the possibility of selling the club. According to John Gambadoro, the owner is testing the waters and is asking for a billion dollars to sell his club.

That would be good.

Out-of-Arizona investors would be appealed to, as would out-of-state investors. And no, the story doesn’t say whether Pierre-Karl Péladeau is in on it.

If the Coyotes don’t manage to buy the land, it could be the end for the club in Arizona. After all, the club has been playing in an NCAA arena for two years now, and if there’s no solution, they’ll eventually have to leave.

Would it be with a new owner? Would it be to Salt Lake City? That remains to be seen.

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