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Jake Allen may have ruined the Canadiens’ playoff hopes this season
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Last night, the Canadiens won a big game against the mighty Florida Panthers. It was an impressive second win in a week, while the Habs had also beaten the Avalanche (in Colorado, where the Avalanche are almost unbeatable) seven days earlier.

Of course, this doesn’t change much in the sense that the Habs aren’t in the playoff race at the moment, but it’s still encouraging to see a young team show up and surprise the big boys when they’re not playing for much in the end.

On the other hand, the two goalies in town, Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau, have been doing an excellent job since Jake Allen’s departure.

In fact, since March 8, both keepers have put up extremely solid numbers, and even if Montembeault (2-3-2) doesn’t taste as much victory as Primeau (3-1-0), it’s hard to fault either of them.

When you start talking about a duel for the #1 goalie position, you know things are going well.

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Where I’m going with all this is towards the following question: when you look at what the two goalies have been doing since Allen’s departure… you almost wonder if the veteran hasn’t ruined Montreal’s hopes of making the playoff race this season.

Allen has done an honest job since arriving in New Jersey, but in Montreal, he’s only tasted victory six times in 21 outings.

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With Montembeault and Primeau having more wins than losses (in regulation time) on their record this season, it’s not ridiculous to imagine where the Habs would be if Allen had maintained such a pace… or if Montembeault and Primeau had assumed the entire starting lineup.

For the sake of argument, if Allen had maintained a record similar to that of his two former teammates (say, 10-8-3), the Habs would have eight more points in the bank… and their 78 points would give them a slim chance of making the playoffs.

(Credit: Screenshot/ESPN)

It may be harsh to say that the Habs would have made the playoffs if Allen hadn’t played a single game this season, and who knows if Montembeault and Primeau would have maintained such numbers over 82 games. That said, seeing both guys enjoy so much success immediately after the end of the three-way makes it not completely crazy to think that might have been the case.

And whatever might have happened in 2023-24… it at least opens the door to seeing the Habs back in the playoff hunt next year.


– This will be one to watch.

– Jordan Dumais’ absence cost the Mooseheads dearly.

– He’ll return to action tomorrow after a six-game suspension.

– A thorough correction.

– Good news for the Yankees.

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