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Mathias Brunet: If Caufield scores 25-30 goals a season, the Habs will have made a good choice.
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Expectations have been high for Cole Caufield ever since he entered the NHL.

We know he can score goals because that’s what he does best… And after his 26-goal season in 46 games last year, many expected him to score (at least) 40 this season.

That said, Caufield claims “only” 20 goals since the start of the campaign, a production below the expectations that were set before the season even began.

But as Mathias Brunet pointed out on Martin Lemay’s show today (BPM Sports), we’re talking about an interesting production for a guy who was drafted 15th.

There are exceptions when you look at the players who have been selected at that rank in NHL history, but if Caufield is capable of scoring 25 to 30 goals a season, the Habs will still be able to say they made a good choice :

(Credit: Hockey DB)

At 25-30 goals a year, the Cole Caufield pick is a success. – Mathias Brunet

Are expectations simply too high when it comes to Caufield?


The fact that he scored a goal a game in his final year in the NCAA doesn’t necessarily help matters, especially as #22 has proven that he’s capable of putting it in at the highest level.

It’s a bit difficult to take a stand in the debate because everyone has different opinions.

For example, Maxime Truman would like to see him score (at least) 40 goals a season because Caufield is paid almost $8M and that’s his job:

Cole Caufield has an offensive style of play and it’s true that if he doesn’t produce, his role on the ice is more minimal.

But Cole Caufield wasn’t drafted first overall and he’s not a top-10 pick either. Are there a ton of 45-50 goal scorers in the NHL who were selected after the 15th pick in the draft?

Makes you wonder, though.


– 12 million!!!

– It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

– That’s for sure.

– Can they do it?

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