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Jonathan Marchessault not sure he wants to return to Vegas next year
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Last night, something rather special happened in the world of hockey.

My colleague Mathis Therrien mentioned it in his morning paper, but the Wild pulled their goalie in overtime and lost.

Minnesota, which is in the playoff race, didn’t collect a point. What a blunder!

It was Jonathan Marchessault who took advantage. He scored his 40th goal of the season for the first time in his career.

With just a few months to go before becoming an independent player, it’s a nice touch. Even though he’s 33, he’ll be paid in July.

Will it be from the Golden Knights? The man himself isn’t sure.

In a text published on, J-F Chaumont asked him if he wanted to continue his adventure in Vegas, and the Quebecer replied that it was a good question and that, in the end, he doesn’t think so.

The reason: there are a lot of players and Vegas may not have the money.

He still hasn’t closed the door, but…

If I were Kent Hughes, I’d take advantage of this situation to make an offer the Quebecer couldn’t refuse.

In short, I admire Marchessault’s franchise, but it’s rare to find a player who doesn’t say publicly that he’s “happy where he is” and “wants to continue his adventure”.

In 74 games this season, the right-winger collected 63 points. In his first season in Nevada, he collected 75 points in 77 games, but after that, his production dropped off a bit. One thing’s for sure, I’d take him to Montreal.

In short

– He’s excellent.

– A crazy atmosphere.

– Ah bon.

– Kevin Gausman will be the starter.

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