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2022-2023: in Joel Edmundson’s absence, Nick Suzuki was team DJ

Joel Edmundson may no longer be the defenseman he was in his first season in Montreal, but his departure for the American capital is bound to affect the team. At least, it will affect the team’s leadership.

The number 44 defenseman didn’t wear an “A” on his jersey for nothing. He was an outstanding team-mate, and his team-mates kept repeating it over the years. Speaking of the “A”, which player will inherit the letter? The two names that come to mind are David Savard and Mike Matheson, who are proud Quebec leaders.

In the bedroom, Edmundson had a very specific mandate. He was responsible for the music.

But with his departure, who will take over? Last year, when Edmundson was sidelined, it was none other than Nick Suzuki who was in charge of music. Who will be for the 2023-2024 season, though? Suzuki?

As a 24-year-old player, I think his taste in music would go well with the rest of his teammates. He would represent the average age of the team, let’s put it that way.

As Jordan Harris pointed out in this RDS piece, Suzuki may have filled in for Edmundson when he was injured, but we don’t know if his musical selection appealed enough to the troupe for him to take on that role full-time.

In any case, if he put on country music, he’d have Cole Caufield and Arber Xhekaj (and Carey Price) by his side

One thing’s for sure: with his role as captain (which is no small task), should the role of team DJ be given to another player? A guy like Cole Caufield, perhaps?


– Buffalo mourns the loss of a great man.

– It’s a beautiful sport, baseball.

– No surprises here.

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