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Cole Caufield is skating and shooting again

It’s all we’ve been talking about since this morning, and it’s perfectly normal. Why is that? Because we’ve been waiting a long time for the news.

Cole Caufield (finally, some would say) signed an eight-year contract with the Montreal Canadiens earlier today.

As you’ll understand, Cole was called in to answer reporters’ questions following the signing of his contract, which will pay him $7.85 million a year until 2031.

That’s a lot of money, as the diminutive forward told reporters in a press conference.

There are several things to note in his press briefing. Here, in a nutshell, is what I took away.

1. The most important thing to know is that Cole Caufield is doing well physically. He’s started skating again and shooting at the net, which is a sign that his rehabilitation is going well. Remember that he had to undergo surgery to repair a shoulder.

The youngster goes one step further, saying that he should be 100% by the time camp opens and that he’s “not worried at all, considering how things are going at the moment”. This is excellent news for the player currently in Michigan.

2. He and his agent, Pat Brisson, really looked at all the options available to them regarding the signing of his contract. They looked at whether it was better to sign for the short term, the long term…

And in the end, he decided to agree with the organization on the terms of an eight-year contract. Obviously, this only shows that he really wanted to stay in town.

3. Quite often, he repeated that the team leader was Nick Suzuki. We know that the two have a great relationship and that off the ice, they’re great buddies. But Suzuki doesn’t wear the “C” on his sweater for nothing, and Caufield wanted to remind us of that in one way or another.

Especially in view of the fact that the 22 won’t be making any more money than the 14 over the next few years.

4. Playing at the Bell Centre is special. At least, that’s how I understand it when I hear him say that every one of the team’s home games is like a Saturday night game. You really get the feeling that for him, playing in front of a crowd that’s pretty much noisy all the time…

It’s pretty unique.

5. This year, the F1 Grand Prix will take place on the weekend of June 17. Caufield “should be there” and we can expect him to be accompanied by other team players too.

6. The next step, after we’ve settled the matter?

For today, maybe Caufield will take a little nap because he trained this morning. Let’s just say that I have a feeling that our national “Tit-Cole” will be able to sleep soundly.

Everyone is happy and satisfied that the story is finally over. Kent Hughes can move on to another call…

And fans can stop worrying about the signing of his contract.

All good news.


We all know Cole Caufield loves to play field hockey. Remember when Kent Hughes said after his operation that everything possible had to be done to prevent the youngster from taking to the ice with a field hockey stick in his hands?

That’s why I have no trouble believing the kid when he says that money won’t change the way he plays.

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