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Drafting Quebecers: Martin Lapointe spared more than Trevor Timmins because of his language?
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To draft a Quebecer (from the QMJHL) or not: everyone has an opinion on the question that is on the lips of those who follow the Habs.

Every year, when the crop is low, the question is raised and put to Habs management. Yesterday was no exception, as Stéphane Leroux spoke to Martin Lapointe, one of the two men in charge of the draft in town.

And, as always, the answer was the same: there’s no negative bias towards Quebecers, but we’ve simply followed our list. Lapointe even hinted that he wanted to draft Justin Poirier this year, but didn’t succeed.

Will the subject still be topical today? It remains to be seen.

But in all of this, Tony Marinaro has added his two cents on how journalists covering the Habs are handling the situation. And his theory is: Martin Lapointe’s language.

In his view, journalists who ask questions like these used to hit Trevor Timmins harder because he didn’t speak French. But now, because Martin Lapointe (who manages the whole thing with Nick Bobrov) is from Quebec and speaks French, it’s not the same when he ignores a local guy.

He said as much on yesterday’s Sick Podcast, where Simon Boisvert was the guest to talk about the draft.

The Snake wasn’t sure where he stood in all this. However, in his eyes, Martin Lapointe is an American, having lived in the U.S. for 30 years. He means it in the sense that Lapointe is no longer in Quebec full-time, I guess.

Remember that he chose Michael Hage, who played in Chicago last year. That’s where he lives, and you’d think he’d have had plenty of chances to see him play when he was at home.

Let’s not forget that Snake is probably the person who most hates Trevor Timmins’ work during his years with the Habs, just to add a little context to all this.

But the question arises: does the fact that Lapointe is a local francophone change things? Would the questions be tougher if Nick Bobrov were the only one in charge?


– How does Arpon Basu feel about the draft?

– Quite a moment.

– He’s on fire.

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