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The 6th pick in the next draft is up for grabs
Credit: Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images
As we all know, the next NHL draft is sure to be full of surprises. Aside from the first pick, the rest is still a long way off.

It’s going to be quite a spectacle… and it could force teams to make some daring decisions.

We know there are a few first-round picks on the table. Of these, the Senators (7th), Devils (10th) and Sabres (11th) are all obviously on the market…

And now a new one has been added.

According to David Pagnotta, Utah’s 6th overall pick is also available at the right price.

Interesting, considering that this is the pick immediately after the Tricolore’s, and that Utah isn’t the only team thinking of trading its pick after the top-5.

The top-5 picks, on the other hand, don’t seem to be available.

So we’ll see if any team steps forward to draft after Kent Hughes. It would be quite a coup for the team’s debut in Salt Lake City.


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