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Martin Necas: Montreal among four teams named by Pierre LeBrun
Credit: Photo by Josh Lavallee/NHL via Getty Images

Last week, there was a possibility that Martin Necas would be traded. It hasn’t happened yet. Will it happen before the draft? At the draft? We’ll see.

When you look at it coldly, there are only two possibilities: the Hurricanes don’t trade the player, or they do. Whatever the other constraints, including Necas’ contract, it’s as simple as that.

And if they do trade him, there are two possibilities: the club will have lowered its expectations, or another Bettman team will have agreed to increase its offer to secure the European’s services.

It’s worth mentioning that many teams have already called. It makes sense.

But even if a deal isn’t necessarily imminent right now, Eric Tulsky doesn’t necessarily want to talk for nothing to teams that don’t have a chance to dance with the Canes.

The goal would therefore be to narrow down the potential list of teams to five or seven organizations “intrigued” by the file.

And as Pierre LeBrun told the Insider Trading segment, while no one has yet met the Hurricanes’ price, there are teams out there. He mentions the Jets, Blackhawks, Bruins and Canadiens.

Obviously, we know that the Canadiens are interested. But does this mean that the Hurricanes consider the Flannel a team with a real chance of being among the finalists?

Possibly, yes.

Remember, no one is offering the Hurricanes what they want right now. If prices were ever to drop, perhaps Kent Hughes would have a slightly better chance of getting the player.

Maybe not.

I also wonder how much of an impact the contract Necas will have to sign has on the case. After all, that’s also a very important aspect to keep an eye on.

Seeing the Habs still mentioned in the file is good news for fans who want him. That doesn’t mean it will happen, but we’ll see.


– The series resumes tonight.

– It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the positive expression “state of the art” with the company “Blackberry” in the same sentence. #Ottawa

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