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Buyout: Pierre-Luc Dubois’ name refuses to die
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You know as well as I do that buying out Pierre-Luc Dubois’ contract at 1/3 of his salary must be an option for the Kings.

However, the team’s GM is adamant that this won’t be the case, and that the coaching staff has to make it work. But even so, Frank Seravalli raised the possibility this morning.

In a piece on possible contract buyouts in the NHL, Seravalli said he takes the GM’s comments with a grain of salt and puts Dubois at the top of his list of players who could be bought out.

In his eyes, buying out the Quebecer would make too much sense before June 24, when he turns 26. After all, at 25 and under, buyouts are 1/3 of the contract, not 2/3, as is the case for older players.

We’ll come back to this.

What the journalist is saying is that you don’t fix one mistake by making another. He says the Kings need to buy him out now to take advantage of the 25-and-under window and save just under $32 million in real money.

Still, that’s a lot of money.

So here’s the formula to follow in the case of a potential Dubois buyout with the Kings. Let’s make the most of it while we can still rely on CapFriendly to check this stuff out… #ThankYouCapitals

The Cap Hit section on the right is the amount that would be against payroll each season from 2024 to 2038.

(Credit: CapFriendly)

As you can see, this would be a long buyout. That said, the $1.1M in 2037-2038, when the cap will likely be above $100M in the NHL, won’t really be a big factor for the Kings anymore.

But for that to happen, the Stanley Cup Final doesn’t have to happen in seven games. After all, the buyout window will open 48 hours after the Cup Final, and to be bought out at 1/3 of the price, Dubois must be 25 years old. He’ll be 26 on June 24.


He must be hoping for an Oilers comeback so the series stretches out… just in case.

Note that Jesperi Kotkaniemi or Brendan Gallagher, two popular names in the Montreal hockey world for buyouts, are not on Seravalli’s list of nine names.


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