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Eric Engels would like to see Hutson, Mailloux and Reinbacher start the season in Laval
Credit: Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images
After training camp, the Habs will have some big decisions to make.

Especially in the case of certain defensemen.

After all, several defensemen will be pushing for an NHL job… We know how tough the battle will be because the Habs are well-endowed at that position.

Some youngsters to watch: Lane Hutson, David Reinbacher, and Logan Mailloux may be ready to face the music, but they’ll have to compete for their place.

In the eyes of Eric Engels, who appeared on the Sick Podcast, there’s no need for urgency.

For him, if Mailloux, Hutson and Reinbacher start the season in the American League, it’s no big deal…

Because you have to let the kids develop properly:

What’s the hurry? – Eric Engels

I tend to agree with him.

Why is that?

Because the Habs won’t be able to compete for a playoff spot next year… And because the NHL isn’t a development league.

The ultimate goal is to prioritize the development of prospects for the coming years, and that makes sense.

That’s what takes good teams to the next level.

On the other hand, it could be complicated for management in Montreal.

If Lane Hutson shows that he can be (very) good at the top level in his first year in the pros, I’m less interested in seeing him dominate the AHL.

We saw how excellent he was in the last two games of last season, and he seems to have the tools to get by against the best players in the world quickly.

It’s a similar story with Logan Mailloux, who had a great campaign with the Rocket last season.

It’s different with Reinbacher because he’s just arrived from Europe. That said, he was also good at the end of last season in Laval…

All that to say, in the final analysis, it looks like everything will depend on the next training camp.

And if all the kids perform up to their respective standards, Kent Hughes will have his work cut out for him.


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