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Phil Kessel, the perfect candidate to become the face of Major Hockey League
Credit: Photo by Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images
The Major Hockey League project is an interesting one.

There’s talk of a new professional hockey league (3-on-3) coming to North America as early as next fall, but above all there’s talk of a league with a $30 million payroll for each of the 16 clubs on the circuit.

On the other hand, as my colleague Félix Forget reported in mid-May… Even if the project sounds interesting, it looks like a mess because it seems to be poorly organized.

There have been no new details regarding the unveiling of the league’s activities, but it could happen soon.

In the most recent episode of his podcast, Elliotte Friedman said that an “important” announcement could be made during the Stanley Cup Final:

The picture will become clearer during the final […] I expect an announcement midway through the Stanley Cup Final. – Elliotte Friedman

Speaking on the subject, Friedman also indicated that several players and agents have contacted the league for information on what’s going on behind the scenes right now.

Friedman even went so far as to say that one person told him that a player on a team in the playoff final four has been trying to talk to league officials for information…

And Jeff Marek joked afterwards, asking him if it was Connor McDavid. #Hehe

On a more serious note, it shows that there is interest in bringing such a league to North America. Several players seem to be interested in the project, which should help the league’s visibility when it launches its activities.

Elliotte Friedman wonders whether the project could be attractive to a guy like Phil Kessel, who doesn’t want to retire and tried (unsuccessfully) to secure a position with the Canucks last season.

In the journalist’s eyes, this would be a perfect scenario for the Major Hockey League, because Kessel would automatically become the face of the league… And because it could encourage other players nearing the end of their careers to join him.

He’s right, because it’s true that the league would make a great marketing coup.

Now the question is, how will it all play out? Let’s wait and see if the league makes an announcement during the finals, as Elliotte Friedman suggested.

In gusto

– The Habs goalie enjoys his vacation.

– Cole Hutson will be one to watch.

– Makes sense.

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