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“If the Habs trade Mike Matheson, they win the deal”
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At the end of the season, Mike Matheson was asked if the Habs had room for him and Lane Hutson in the same defensive corps with the Habs next season.

His answer? Obviously.

The question was asked because some fans would like to make room for Hutson by capitalizing on the enormous market value of Mike Matheson, who has relaunched his career in Montreal…. and that frustrates the Quebecer a little.

After all, Matheson wants to stay in town, he’s happy in Montreal and he knows how important he is to the defensive corps. Do you think that in October 2024, Lane Hutson could eat every minute Matheson plays? No way.

Even if there are rumours surrounding David Savard, that’s not the case with Matheson. After all, taking Savard off the blue line would be intense enough for young defensemen, imagine it without Matheson…

However, you know as well as I do that the concept of the pure, untouchable hardly exists in sport. And that’s why Matheson must be interesting for NHL clubs.

He’s fluid on the ice, he produces crazy points, he earns less than 5 MS per year for two more years and he’s 30 years old. #Jackpot

However, the fact remains that to let him go (which the Habs must consider if a club calls), it would take the moon and then some. Kent Hughes won’t give it up.

Eric Engels summed it up nicely on Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast yesterday.

If the Habs trade Mike Matheson, they win the deal. What that means is that he won’t be traded. – Eric Engels on Mike Matheson

I agree with the Sportsnet reporter: the Habs can’t afford to trade him. If the club wants to move forward, Matheson clearly needs to be a major presence.

In his view, a club that wanted to uproot him from Montreal would have to give away endless elements. Two quality attacking prospects, a good defender, a first choice: name it.

That’s one way of saying it would have to be a high return. It wasn’t necessarily a concrete offer.

Barring a major surprise, Matheson will be there for next season, that’s pretty clear. And in a year’s time, when he’ll be in the last year of his contract (it runs out in 2026), we’ll see if there’s anything to talk about.

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