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Martin Necas: Hutson, Reinbacher or Mailloux would be on the table if Stéphane Waite were in charge
Credit: Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images

Martin Necas’ name won’t die in Montreal. Until his future is clear, he will be linked to the Canadiens.

We know the Hurricanes have had a hot potato on their hands since we learned publicly that the player wanted to leave. After all, it’s always bigger when it’s public.

Will he end up in Montreal? It’s (really) not a done deal, considering that better teams than the Habs are also looking into the matter as we speak, and the player is due to sign a contract.

According to Pierre LeBrun, the Habs have already called the Hurricanes about Necas. It’s unclear, however, when the offers will start rolling in for the Canes.

This will be a pivotal moment in the file.

Of course, everyone is wondering what the Hurricanes, who could be outbid and have to make sure Necas wants to sign long-term with his next team, will ask for the forward.

On this subject, Stéphane Waite said yesterday on 98.5 FM that the Habs shouldn’t hesitate to give away the Jets’ #26 pick with a big blue-line prospect. He wouldn’t hesitate to let one of these go: Lane Hutson, David Reinbacher or Logan Mailloux.

I think many people would be comfortable letting the 26th pick go. I also feel that Logan Mailloux could be a good fit for the Habs.

But Hutson, it would be harder to say yes. I don’t see a world where Hutson is traded this summer.

As for David Reinbacher, I feel he’s currently the most untouchable defenseman in the Flanelle’s bank of young backs. I’m not saying it’s impossible to see him go, but I don’t see him being available for Necas.

He’s the club’s best prospect – for at least another month – and the Habs would surely try to steer the conversation elsewhere if the Canes’ management seriously raised Reinbacher’s name in discussions.

That said, Stéphane Waite isn’t wrong when he says that you have to give to receive. I don’t think that if Hutson or Reinbacher were to leave, it would be for Necas.

Would it be for Brady Tkachuk? I don’t think so, considering that in four years’ time, the lure of the United States will be even greater. And by then, it’s not as if the Habs will be a Cup contender as early as 2025…

In gusto

– I agree.

– They’re good, the Knights.

– All is well in the best of all possible worlds…

– Big win for CF Montreal last night.

– I aspire to be at least 50% as cool as that in life.

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