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Martin Necas: a list of teams (including the Canadiens) surfaces
Credit: Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images

Carolina Hurricanes general manager Don Wadell’s summer is shaping up to be an interesting one to watch. If he’s determined to keep Jake Guentzel with the team, it could be Martin Necas who leaves as a result.

Until now, we could only speculate on the Canadiens’ possible interest in his services. The elements to appeal to Kent Hughes are there: talent and an age that fits in with the team’s core.

But now The Fourth Period has included the Habs in a list of teams with varying degrees of interest in his services. The list includes the Calgary Flames, the Utah team and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Obviously, the habs’ level of interest is unknown, but this information provided by The Fourth Period is not insignificant for several reasons.

Firstly, Necas is a restricted free agent who will be looking for a high-paying contract, which the Habs can give him. What’s more, the Canes’ father added fuel to the fire by talking about his use on the power play and on a less offensive line.

Secondly, this is a fine demonstration that the second phase of the rebuild is well and truly underway. Even if the 2024-2025 season is likely to be rather difficult, there is a certain willingness to add players with an immediate impact to take the team to another level.

Kent Hughes has the players and the options to deal Wadell, if he so desires.

I’m not the only one who appreciates Necas’ style of play. Arpon Basu and Marc-Antoine Godin talked about his qualities in their podcasts, in particular his ability to outwit opposing goalies with his shot. We’ll see if Hughes has the same opinion of him and can complete a deal.

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