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Cole Eiserman: a defensive nullity, according to an NHL scout
Credit: Photo by Michael Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images
There are currently hundreds of analyses on the various top prospects for the 2024 National Hockey League draft, which takes place this summer on June 28 and 29.

Of course, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the first round on June 28, when the Montreal Canadiens will be talking about the fifth spot.

These different analyses of the various prospects available around the Habs’ pick give us an idea of each of them.

Right now, the players at the top of the list are obviously Ivan Demidov, Cayden Lindstrom and Tij Iginla.

I’d say that with these three names, I’ve probably named the favorite prospect of 90% of Habs fans.

That leaves a further 10% who have a more obscure favorite, either a defenseman, the electrifying forward Berkly Catton, or the enigmatic Cole Eiserman.

The latter is one of the most polarizing names in recent times, and not necessarily for the right reasons.

Indeed, the young American’s one-dimensional maverick streak has been the subject of a lot of harsh analysis, including a recent one in which he was described as a defensive dud.

Indeed, that’s what Anthony Martineau’s excellent recent article for TVA Sports says, featuring various comments from coaches and scouts on the various prospects in the 2024 NHL draft.

In the case of Eiserman, an NHL scout is quite clear when he explains that the youngster has a lot to learn, despite the fact that he’s a natural scorer with a blistering shot.

This same scout goes on to describe Eiserman’s defensive game as a nullity, given that he cheats a lot.

“He cheats a lot, because he wants to run away with the puck. Physically, he’s not a coward, but he doesn’t get involved more than he has to.” – NHL scout interviewed by Anthony Martineau

In short, this same scout says that if a team isn’t afraid to deal with Eiserman’s shortcomings, he’ll be a solid NHL player all in all.

However, if he doesn’t want to be just a third-line, power-play forward, he’ll have to find a way to be less individualistic and more of a team player.

Finally, this same scout also mentioned that Eiserman will have to find a way to score enough NHL goals to make up for his shortcomings.

The scout used Cole Caufield as an example, explaining that if he were to remain a 20-goal scorer, it wouldn’t be enough to make up for what he can’t give, which is absolutely true.

Caufield is a scorer, and he’ll have to find a way to score more goals for the Montreal Canadiens.

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