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Milan Lucic file: he allegedly strangled his wife in front of his children
Credit: Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images
Milan Lucic was an unsettling and frightening player in the National Hockey League for many years, especially with the Boston Bruins.

He enjoyed some fine seasons with the Bruins before moving west to Alberta to play for the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, where he slowed down considerably.

Last summer, as a free agent, Lucic signed a one-year contract with the Bruins, returning to the city of Boston where he had enjoyed so much success.

However, things didn’t work out as planned.

Why didn’t they?

Well, because it turns out that Lucic bothers and terrorizes off the ice.

The NHL tough guy was arrested for domestic violence several months ago, and since then, he hasn’t been allowed to play any more games with the Bruins this season.

Now, there’s more news on the case, as his wife, Brittany Lucic, has confided that Lucic strangled him in front of their children.

You read that right, unfortunately.

Milan Lucic allegedly jumped on his wife after she spotted the name of one of her friends on Lucic’s phone.

She then asked him about it, and Lucic allegedly jumped on her to take the phone away.

His wife, Brittany, then stumbled into a chair, where her husband tried to strangle her.

I repeat all this in front of Lucic’s children, his wife, and several friends.

Last April, of course, Brittany filed for divorce, explaining that the couple were facing irreconcilable differences.

Ultimately, the 35-year-old forward didn’t have to go to trial, as his wife refused to testify, but Lucic is unlikely to return to the NHL.

He played just four games this season with the Bruins, collecting two assists.

To find out more, read the TVA Sports article here.

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