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Cole Caufield: four points in his match of the day at the World Championship
Credit: Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Before the Americans’ game of the day at the World Hockey Championships, Cole Caufield had two goals and two assists in six games. We knew he was capable of taking his game to the next level.

And that’s exactly what he did today against the Latvians.

In a 6-3 win, the Canadian forward picked up two goals and two assists, for a total of four points. He thus doubled his offensive output in his seventh game.

First, he had two assists on the Americans’ first two goals, and then he made it 3-0 himself. The Canadian player used his good shot to find the back of the net.

Well done.

The Latvians scored three of the next four bits to bring the score to 4-3 in favor of the Americans. The margin of maneuver was slim for Cole Caufield’s club.

He scored to make it 5-3, the penultimate goal of the match.

As this was the last game of the qualifying tournament, it’s good to see that Caufield showed he could take his wanderings. It was only against Latvia, of course, but still.

Can he continue to produce during the medal round?

In bursts

– The Canadiens played.

– Interesting.

– I was wondering.

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