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Martin Necas would like to be traded, according to his father
Credit: Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images
The Carolina Hurricanes saw their season come to an end in the final days. In the end, the New York Rangers were too strong not to advance to the third round.

In Carolina, the real work has just begun for GM Don Waddell. It’s going to be a big summer’s work.

The first step, which is behind him, is to have made the decision to retain the services of Rod Brind’Amour. But looking at the number of contracts up for renewal, it’s clear that it’s going to be a big summer in Carolina.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)
(Credit: Cap Friendly)
Of course, this means that some players may have to bail out. You know as well as I do that a club with so many free agents (with or without restrictions) can hardly bring everyone back.

Some will ask for more money, which will put pressure on the salary envelope of a club like the Canes. And Martin Necas is obviously one of them.

Necas, a player who earned $3 million this season, will clearly want more. The restricted free agent seems to have a nebulous future in Carolina because we don’t know if this is the club that will give him what he’s asking for.

With two 50+ point seasons under his belt, including one with 71 points, he’s clearly in a position to ask for more money.

(Credit: Hockey DB)

But now his father has stuck his nose into the matter. According to him, his son would like to play somewhere other than Carolina (where he doesn’t belong on the first line), on a first line and on the first power play.

So, as reported by H&L, he says his son wants to be traded. I don’t know if the son is happy to see his father say that in an interview in the Czech Republic, but whatever.

We know that the Hurricanes, who are having a hard time giving him the playing time he wants and will surely have a hard time paying him what he’s worth, are likely to trade him.

We also know that the Habs will be in the mix if he’s available. He may be available in 2022, and in March, Renaud Lavoie stated that we should keep an eye on the matter.

Obviously, to do so, Kent Hughes would have to offer the Hurricanes what they want. And the Canes, if they don’t fall victim to a hostile offer, could create a bidding war for the 6’2 winger’s services.

Hughes should also be able to come to an agreement with him on the terms of a (surely long-term) contract without derailing the organization’s salary structure. And to reach an agreement, I see two elements to consider.

  • Agree on the contract itself (years and annual amount)
  • Agree on playing time

After all, if Necas really wants to be a first-line, power-play winger, that’s up for negotiation.

Surely the Habs can afford to give that away if they want, but is it in their plans? If the Cole Caufield – Nick Suzuki – Juraj Slafkovsky combination were to be broken up, would it be for Necas?

If it’s Slaf who has to bail out, would having three right-handers on a line be ideal? Wouldn’t Necas be better off with Kirby Dach, a player who could one day be the Habs’ first center?

Is it too much to ask Necas to join a team that’s currently at the bottom of the standings? Maybe it is.

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