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Oliver Kapanen wants to sign with the Canadiens (and Kent Hughes is on the case)
Credit: Photo by Dale Preston/Getty Images
Oliver Kapanen has been on fire for several weeks now.

After a superb series in Finland (seven goals and seven assists in 13 games), he’s now having a great time at the World Championship. His six goals place him among the elite.

So he’s been on fire for a while. Patrik Bexell, who religiously covers the Flannel’s hopes in Europe, says he’s simply moved on to another level in 2024.

His coaches may sing his praises or say he’s ready for the NHL, but the fact remains that the club’s second pick in 2021 still doesn’t have a contract – with the Habs – for next season.

He has signed a two-year contract (2024 to 2026) in Sweden, for his father’s team, that said. He could still be playing in Laval in 2025-2026… and if he makes the club at the Habs’ next camp, we could see him in the NHL as early as this fall.

But for that, he’ll need an entry-level contract.

According to Luc Gélinas on Twitter, Kapanen wants to sign his entry-level contract. He’s currently focused on the World Championship, but he’ll get there.

It’s also worth mentioning that Kent Hughes is on the case.

The Habs’ GM met the player’s agent in Helsinki, at the World Juniors, and they agreed to talk again after that tournament, the World Championship, which is currently underway.

An entry-level contract isn’t the most difficult contract to negotiate, since despite the potential bonuses, there’s still a lower limit than for a second contract.

I’m not saying this to say it’s nothing… but normally, when the player and the club want to agree on the terms of an entry-level contract, there’s a middle ground.

In bursts

– He’s right.

– Yes, it will be a forward.

– Looks similar.

– He needs to maintain his reputation.

– Seeing him develop his offensive instincts is a good thing.

– Oh wow.

– A nice addition.

– Nice tribute.

– Meanwhile, Mathieu Choinière is having a hard time- ah pis laissez faire.

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