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The idea of Carey Price retiring (officially) next summer is raised
Credit: Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire

Carey Price’s eight-year, $10.5 million annual contract is well-deserved. Amply, in fact.

But now that he’s retired (unofficially), let’s just say it’s not looking good for the Habs. At least Kent Hughes is in a position to bury this amount on the LTIR for the entire season. Still, it’s a hefty contract, and I’m sure he’ll be counting the days until it expires.

Today, TVA Sports raised the idea that this contract could be wiped off the books sooner than expected.

Indeed, in a text on the platform, it is mentioned that the goalkeeper could officially retire in the summer of 2025, even though he has one season left on his contract.

Is it possible that he’d spit out that money?

Yes, it’s possible. Will he do it? We can afford to doubt it.

But as the paper clearly explains, Price has already touched most of his $84 million. The first six contract years were the most lucrative. The eighth, not so much.

7.5 million (a significant amount) will be due, but…

But 5.5 of that $7.5 million is in bonuses, and bonuses are paid into the player’s account in September, not July. After this payment, he would have only $2 million left to claim. That’s not necessarily a lot for a multimillionaire like Price, but it’s still two million dollars… You can make a lot of outings with that kind of money.

One thing’s for sure, if the goaltender were to retire this summer, it would go a long way to helping Kent Hughes and Montreal in the off-season. But then again, I wouldn’t blame 31 for retiring from hockey after the 2025-2026 season and not a year before.

In short

– He likes what he sees of the Habs. In fact, he reiterated his dream of playing with his childhood team.

– Well-deserved.

– Some movement to be expected in Buffalo.

– Ah well.

– He’s back, though.

– It’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

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