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Marc Bergevin in Columbus: it’s best to be patient
Credit: Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Yesterday, we learned that Marc Bergevin was a candidate for the position of GM of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It may not be the sexiest job in the NHL, both because of the organization and the fact that Columbus doesn’t have a big club, but it’s still a GM job in the NHL.

If Bergevin were to inherit the job, he’d potentially enjoy rebuilding the club in his own way.

What you need to know is that the Blue Jackets seem to be looking for a candidate with experience in the GM’s seat. Renaud Lavoie wonders why the club isn’t opening up its horizons.

But the real question, in the end, is whether he has a real chance of getting the job or not.

Elliotte Friedman, who was asked to talk a little about the matter on his 32 Thoughts podcast, believes that Bergevin is a candidate who “fits in with what the Blue Jackets want” in terms of a GM profile.

However, in his opinion, it’s still far too early to draw any conclusions. The club obviously intends to take its time before naming its next general manager.

What Friedman is reporting is that Columbus, which is the only club without a GM in the Bettman circuit, will take its time to see if any candidates will be added to the process.

He mentions the Oilers in particular. Does he think Ken Holland could lose his job and be a candidate in Ohio?

I realize that President John Davidson is in place and that no one else is looking for a GM, but the draft is just around the corner, as is the free-agent market. Wouldn’t it help to have a GM soon?

And it’s not as if the position has only recently become available: the club has been looking for months.

In brief

– What do you think?

– Kris Letang undergoes finger surgery.

– Really?

– Of note.

– We’ll see if he gets his chance.

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