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Beckett Sennecke could be picked fifth by the Habs, says Arpon Basu
Credit: Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images
The 2024 NHL Draft is full of questions.

In fact, nothing is certain, apart from Macklin Celebrini, who will be drafted first overall, and the Montreal Canadiens’ desperate need for an attacking player.

After the first pick, things take a turn for the worse, and the needs of the clubs drafting in the top-5 at the next draft will be very important.

One thing’s for sure: the Habs need to draft a forward from a crop of excellent defensemen.

And we also know that the Tricolore would like to bulk up on offense, but with the fifth overall pick, they’ll have to go over and above a very good defenseman. And there’s going to be plenty of that in the Flanelle lineup.

Tij Iginla is highly coveted by the Habs, as he plays with great intensity.

Beckett Sennecke, a big-bodied forward who plays for the Oshawa Generals.

And Arpon Basu really believes that Tricolore fans should get used to the idea of him being selected fifth overall.

That’s what he says on the latest episode of The Basu and Godin Notebook podcast :

At around 27:00 of the episode, Basu lists three names that could be released early(late risers).

Cayden Lindstrom is there, but then come the names of Sennecke and Iginla.

If Lindstrom is available for the Habs to choose from, we can expect the Montreal club to select him. His big frame and style of play totally suit the team’s needs.

On the other hand, Iginla and Sennecke in 5th place is a bit of a shock.

I have to tell you, I’m not as bothered about Iginla being picked there as I am about Sennecke moving up.

But Basu was keen to make it clear that it wouldn’t come as a surprise to him.

“People need to think about that possibility. It’s possible, especially if you look at the type of player the Habs like.” – Arpon Basu

On most lists, these two players are excluded from the top-10, but anything is possible at the draft, especially this year.

What’s more, Basu was keen to add that the Habs have a history with late risers.

Juraj Slafkovsky wasn’t seen as the first overall pick, just as Reinbacher wasn’t seen as a top-5 prospect.

And Jesperi Kotkaniemi at No. 3 is still causing a stir.

The same concern recurs among fans: you shouldn’t draft for your needs at the Habs rankings, you should draft the best player available.

Even if it means drafting a defenseman, which gives us more ammunition to go after his attacking needs.

A guy like Artyom Levshunov has a similar style to David Reinbacher: a versatile right-handed defenseman who can be used anywhere. But he has better offensive potential and is probably already better than the Austrian.

In short, we can only hope that a Lindstrom or Ivan Demidov slips down to fifth place so we can pick a really good, quality forward.

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