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“Evander Kane had a golf tee-off yesterday”.
Credit: Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

For better or worse, Evander Kane has always been the talk of the town. The player is no stranger to controversy, let’s put it that way.

He no longer gets the benefit of the doubt, and every time he does something, he’s not exactly treated as if a guy like Sidney Crosby were doing the same thing, for example.

You’ll tell me that Crosby is nothing like Evander Kane, which is true, but you get my point.

All this to say that this morning, on BPM Sports, Max Lalonde, who hosts the morning show, reported a story related to the talented Oilers player.

Basically, he reports that a listener told him that Evander Kane had a golf tee-off yesterday, on a day off in his hometown of Vancouver. It was at a club where he’s a member.

The coach at his hockey club eventually chose to add a practice to the program, so the player cancelled his golf game, which was scheduled for the lunch hour there.

Here’s the excerpt.

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The first question to ask is whether it’s true. After all, even Max Lalonde expressed doubts about the veracity of what he said, since perhaps it wasn’t really Kane who was supposed to go and play.

The second question is whether this is the right thing to do in the playoffs. Should Kane rest between games?

The other is whether it’s in the public interest. If many people don’t want to hear about the players’ nocturnal outings, is it better to talk about the golf episode on an off-day?

If Kane comes into the locker room with a nasty attitude afterwards because he missed his round of golf, it could derail the club. Especially as there are already rumours that Kane had a row with team-mates after the first game…

In a gust

– Good question.

– It should be Jeremy Swayman.

– Bruins lack focus? [BPM Sports]

– He wanted playing time.

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