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Images: no, the lottery is not fixed

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Images: no, the lottery is not fixed
Credit: Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images
Yesterday, images from the NHL studios circulated during the afternoon, a few hours before the draft lottery.

Basically, it showed the Sharks at number one and Utah at number two. Many people took this to mean that “the results were already in”, and some people with a platform did nothing to bring people back to the path of truth.

Apart from the fact that it’s clear that no one was able to take a photo of the standings “just like that” before they were released, it’s worth remembering that the lottery takes place an hour before the results are released, not in the middle of the afternoon.

Elliotte Friedman talked about it in his podcast this morning.

What’s also important to know is that the executives in the room at the time of the draw are not allowed to use their phones to communicate the results to everyone.

But even so, because of human nature, there will always be doubts: is the lottery rigged?

What you need to know about this is that the NHL has released a video to demonstrate that yes, the lottery was indeed recorded on May 7, and no, it’s not fixed with the views guy. The HabsolumentFan site relayed the news.

It shows Bettman standing next to a man pulling out four numbers. These four numbers are associated with a team.

According to the HF site, the Habs came pretty close to winning the lottery. The winning combination was 2-7-10-11 and the Habs had a combination of 1-7-10-11.

So it was close.

It’s also worth noting that the Sharks won the first three lotteries, forcing the NHL to go for four tries before finally seeing the Blackhawks win the lottery for second place. #Unusual

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