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Pierre-Luc Dubois: Rob Blake blames coaching staff for his failings
Credit: Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Pierre-Luc Dubois’ first season in Los Angeles wasn’t exactly a rosy one. Acquired with great fanfare last summer, Dubois collected just 40 points in 82 regular-season games… before recording just one point in five playoff games against the Oilers.

That’s hardly ideal for a guy who earns $8.5 million a year… and it’s been so painful that questions have been raised about his future in Los Angeles.

The idea that the Quebecer’s contract could be bought out as early as this summer(before June 24) has gained ground. Even on NHL Network, the subject was the talk of the airwaves earlier this week.

That said, Rob Blake (the Kings’ GM) held his end-of-season press briefing this afternoon… and according to him, the club has no intention of buying out the Quebecer’s contract. He didn’t mention the possibility of a trade, but he did seem to close the door on the possibility of a contract buyout.

If you have a few minutes, check out the comments below the publication. You’ll understand that Kings fans weren’t exactly thrilled to hear this, as they already seem fed up with the Quebecer after just one season (and with Rob Blake, too).

In fact, Blake’s plan is simple: he seems to want to find a way to relaunch PLD in Los Angeles.

Because according to him, the problem this season wasn’t Dubois, but the coaching staff, which didn’t incorporate him into the system enough. And Kings fans don’t seem to be happy about that either.

Maybe Blake has a point and Dubois really hasn’t found a way to settle into the Kings’ system… but he’s had 87 games to do so since the start of the regular season, and clearly never has.

I know it’s easy to boil everything down to salary, but in an NHL accounting system, an $8.5 million player can’t just be a “system player”. He has to be able to take control of a game on his own, and Dubois hasn’t done that this season.

I hope for the Kings’ sake and for the Quebecer’s(who wants to do everything in his power to get back on track next year) that this first season is nothing more than a blip on the road… because if not, in two or three years, the club may say that it missed its chance to buy out Dubois’ contract when it could still do so at a third of the remaining amount(which it can do between now and June 24).

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