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Elliotte Friedman wouldn’t be surprised if Sheldon Keefe were successful… elsewhere.
Credit: Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Today, the Maple Leafs players and Sheldon Keefe will give their end-of-season reviews. As for the club’s bosses, that will take place later this week, on Thursday.

Obviously, all eyes are currently on Sheldon Keefe. After all, while Brendan Shanahan and Mitch Marner are also likely to leave, Keefe is the most… tassable.

And what he’s done in recent days hasn’t helped his cause.

We all know that until we know his fate, speculation is rife. Everyone sees him losing his job, and not everyone imagines him at the helm of another club.

But wait before you think he’ll be out of the NHL forever.

Elliotte Friedman, on today’s episode of his podcast 32 Thoughts, believes that one day, if Sheldon Keefe gets a pilot’s job in the NHL somewhere other than Toronto, he could be successful.

For those interested, you can listen to his talk here.

Of course, if Keefe does lose his job this week, it’s possible he won’t be hired in the current coaching hiring cycle. It could wait a while.

That said, with coaches dropping like flies, he could get his chance at any time.

Remember that the Penguins under Kyle Dubas, his former boss in the OHL, AHL and NHL, could part company with Mike Sullivan if he were to be traded to New Jersey.

This could be an opportunity for Keefe.

It’s also worth noting that the saying goes that coaches are at their best when they get their second chance to coach in the NHL. This could be true for Keefe outside the hot Toronto market.

To be continued, of course.

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