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“The Canadian is truly in love with Beckett Sennecke”.
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The more time passes, the more we talk about the draft. After all, in Montreal, that’s what you have to watch out for.

Yesterday, Arpon Basu revealed that the Habs love Ivan Demidov, and that the Habs could move up, if need be, to draft him. At least, that’s one possibility on the table.

He also said that the Habs shouldn’t draft a defenseman. So no, don’t expect Zayne Parekh to be the Habs’ target at the next auction… even if he considers himself the best defenseman in the draft, as reported by Anthony Martineau.

Since there will be several defensemen drafted early next month, chances are the Habs will be able to get a forward who will make them happy if they do indeed draft between fifth and seventh.

He may not be “caught” taking a player who doesn’t necessarily fit his needs.

For example, if the Habs don’t want to draft a small player, they can choose not to. They can continue to target bigger players with their first-round pick.

I talked about this yesterday in my article on Berkly Catton:

Juraj Slafkovsky and David Reinbacher are not little boys. The Canadiens’ new administration has had a tendency with its first picks for the past two years.

If the Habs don’t want to draft a Catton to get a big forward (Demidov, at 5’11, would be an exception because of his immense talent), they’ll have the option of doing so.

And according to Marc-Olivier Beaudoin’s report this morning, it’s possible to believe that the Habs really want to add weight to their attack via their first pick in the Vegas sphere. So Catton might not be an option.

Also according to Beaudoin, the Habs are really in love with prospect Beckett Sennecke. How in love? To the point where the young man could be considered by the Flanelle.

He could be considered with the club’s pick, but it’s more logical to think that Kent Hughes would try to get a top-15 pick to go after him without using his first choice. After all, he really shouldn’t go out in the top-7.

Sennecke is a 6’2 Torontonian who weighs 175 pounds, according to Hockey DB. He scored 68 points in 63 games, including 27 goals, for the Oshawa Generals (OHL) this season. He has added 10 goals and 12 assists in 14 playoff games to date.

He’s definitely one to watch.

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