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Quebec ranks behind the Maple Leafs according to TheScore
Credit: Photo by Michael Chisholm/NHLI via Getty Images

The NHL playoffs are currently in full swing, and according to the figures I’ve been given, hockey fans have been watching games on TVA Sports and Sportsnet in relatively large numbers since last weekend. Even if the Habs aren’t taking part!

Are you still following it? Have you found “your” team since the Habs stopped playing?

Do you root” for the Panthers, Canucks, Jets, Islanders or Avalanche?

East Coast Florida, Canadian teams, Patrick Roy, former Nordiques… there are plenty of factors that can influence your choice if you’ve decided to switch teams while waiting for the Habs to make the playoffs.

Except that if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you don’t go for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Leafs fans are few and far between in Quebec.

I know it, you know it, your neighbour knows it…

But Caitlyn Holroyd of TheScore doesn’t know it. She’s so unaware that she’s just published an article claiming that Quebec is behind the Maple Leafs for the Stanley Cup series.

She claims to have used data concerning the number of hashtags published on X/Twitter in Quebec in connection with each team still alive… data allegedly supplied to her by, one of the many online betting sites to which we have access (despite their illegality).

In short, she relied solely on the data provided by an online betting company, which the latter claims to have identified on Elon Musk’s social network, without questioning or questioning it. So much for reliability…

According to her page, Caitlun Holroyd doesn’t (really) write about NHL hockey very often; she usually covers basketball and football. She also claims to be an experton many sports before hockey

(Credit: TheScore)
That might explain why she so readily swallowed the fact that, according to an online betting company, Quebec has lined up behind the Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.

I’m willing to believe that Montreal has become anglicized and that many immigrants who don’t know much about Quebec culture have moved to the 514 in recent years, but no, Quebec isn’t “rooting” for the Leafs right now. I don’t have any scientific studies to hand; I just know.

Ontario and the Maritimes? OK. But not Quebec! No!

If there’s so much talk about the Leafs in la Belle Province, both on X and in conversations between friends, it’s to hate them. That’s it.

Note that the Colorado Avalanche have the most states/provinces behind them, according to TheScore and BetOnline… and that the Jets only have their province to back them.

In gusto

– Andrew Zadarnowski was good enough to take over/correct TheScore. Seriously, what a crazy project the Cowboys Fringants have just launched. If you haven’t yet listened to their latest album or watched the La fin du show music video, go right ahead!

– Arcadio is right: some media are willing to do very questionable things to get reactions and clicks. Even big traditional ones!

Just a take: If Jim Montgomery doesn’t return with Jeremy Swayman on Saturday in Toronto, he’ll lose the series… and it’ll be his fault. F*ck the fair two-goalie rotation rendered there….

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