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“It’s no secret that the Habs want to add a scorer.”
Credit: Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire
The Habs have too many defensemen in their player bank. Eventually, at least one of them will have to be traded, as you know.

We suspect that the plan has always been to recreate the Alexander Romanov for Kirby Dach trade (it was done in two trades… but we understand each other), but for the past two years, it hasn’t happened.

But to join Dach, the top line and the club’s other forwards with top-6 potential, it would have to happen soon. Especially since, if nothing happens, the club’s blue-line mass will be packed at camp.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. After all, if I know it’s the Habs’ plan and you know it, you can bet a rusty old $2 that the other teams know it.

And the mandate of other executives elsewhere in the NHL is not to do Kent Hughes any favors, we agree.

But the fact remains that “to go out and find a talented forward” remains a somewhat vague objective. After all, there are plenty of talented forwards in the league.

But according to David Pagnotta, it’s a scorer the Habs want.

The Fourth Period tipster mentions that using the defenseman bank to do so is in the plans and would be possible in the draft corner.

Like in 2022 and 2023, but with a scorer?

After all, it’s debatable whether the Habs should bring back a Sean Monahan (I’m not against it… at the right price), but the fact remains that the Habs need to pick up some youngsters to fit in with the rebuild.

And Monahan isn’t exactly a scorer.

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