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We could see a jersey very similar to that of the Habs in the NFL this season.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Right now, the NFL is in the midst of its off-season. Later this week, the draft will take place (the first round is scheduled for Thursday evening), but there are still a few months to go before the season begins.

Will Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs win a third consecutive Super Bowl? We’ll know in a few months.

That said, as with every off-season, many teams are revamping their uniform wardrobes. The Broncos unveiled their new uniforms today, but other teams will follow suit.

And like every year, there are leaks. Of the lot, images seem to have leaked of an alternative uniform the New York Giants might wear in 2024.

What we notice, however… is that the jersey is very, very similar to that of the Canadiens (the red one, of course).

Obviously, this is a leak and not an official announcement, so we can’t guarantee that the uniform will actually be worn by the Giants. However, the uniform shown is red with a blue horizontal stripe, exactly like the Canadiens’ home jersey.

Even the white horizontal stripes are present… but at least the helmet and pants will be different, as will the shoulders, which will be blue rather than red.

These uniforms are intended as a Canadian tribute to the Giants of 1933, who sported uniforms in the same style.

So we’ll see if the leak is eventually confirmed, but obviously, it’s not impossible that a jersey very similar to the Habs’ will be worn on NFL fields in 2024.

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