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“Salt Lake sucks: a hard day after eve for Coyotes fans
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That’s it: the Coyotes have played the last game of their history in Phoenix. From now on, the franchise that was originally founded in Winnipeg will be moving to Salt Lake City.

Confirmation should come today after a vote by the governors (a meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m.), but Ryan Smith, the future owner of the franchise, has said it all: it’s pretty well done.

It’s always sad to see fans lose their team. After all, even if hockey has no place in Arizona, the fact remains that many fans there are in mourning this morning.

Maybe in 2029, if Alex Meruelo manages to build an arena, hockey will be back in Arizona via expansion. But at the same time, nothing in life is guaranteed.

Chances are, Coyotes fans saw the last game of a local club in Arizona last night.

Chances are that Shane Doan, who went out of his way to see his club’s (and his son’s) game yesterday, was the only true star to play in the desert and inspire the Auston Matthews of this world.

Speaking of Doan, did you see that he just got his retired number banner back at the old Gila River Arena? It had been abandoned…

In the stands yesterday, the club’s fans didn’t hesitate to sing against Salt Lake City (Salt Lake sucks), the city that just stole their club. It’s perfectly normal under the circumstances.

After all, it was emotional for everyone who lived the experience in the desert. It’s especially so for the employees who stand to lose their jobs in all this.

Many people had already lost their social networking jobs to Alex Meruelo’s son. #FilsÀPopa

Beating the Oilers last night was a fitting farewell for the fans, who experienced the white out. But this morning, it must feel like the morning after in Arizona.

There are still challenges ahead for the organization, including building a proper hockey arena (right now, the club only seats 14,000) and finding a new name.

A new era awaits the Coyotes, who have been on life support for (too) long.

In gusto

– Dallas will play either Los Angeles or Vegas in the playoffs – whichever is worse. The better team will face the Oilers. Otherwise, Jets/Avalanche and Canucks/Predators are on the menu in the West.

– Reminder: the Habs, again this year, have the fifth-best chances of winning the lottery. This was confirmed following the Coyotes’ win yesterday.

– Well done.

– Wow!

– Of note.

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