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Top-3: One last win in Arizona to overtake the Habs in the standings
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The NHL season draws to a close…

Last night, four games were played across the league. The Coyotes game was the most closely watched, because it had an impact on the Habs’ lottery standings.

Let’s see how it went:

1: One last win for the Coyotes in Arizona

It was an emotional evening for members of the Coyotes organization.

The team was playing its final game at Mullet Arena, and fans turned out in droves to cheer on their club one last time before watching it leave for Salt Lake City.

The fans there aren’t happy to see the team move… And they let it be known:

The Coyotes players understood the importance of the game to their fans and came out to beat the Edmonton Oilers 5-2.

Connor McDavid was cleared from the scoresheet…

And on the Arizona side, Dylan Guenther led the charge, finishing the game with a goal and an assist.

After the game, there was a beautiful moment as the players and staff said goodbye to the crowd:

It’s a bummer for the Coyotes…

But yesterday’s win was just as important for the Habs.

By winning their game, the Coyotes secured 6th place in the standings with a view to the lottery… Which also means the Habs are assured of 5th place.

Kent Hughes and the executives in Montreal must be satisfied this morning.

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2: 100 assists for Kucherov… 69 goals for Matthews

The meeting between the Lightning and the Leafs was significant for both teams.


Because on the Leafs’ side, Auston Matthews had the opportunity to score his 70th goal of the season…

And because on the Lightning side, Nikita Kucherov had the opportunity to register his 100th assist of the season.

The result?

Matthews was unable to accomplish the feat… Unlike Kucherov.

The Russian made a deft pass on Brayden Point’s beautiful goal to reach the prestigious mark :

Kucherov becomes only the 5th player in history to make 100 assists in a single season… And McDavid did it this year, too.

It just goes to show how exciting today’s hockey is to watch.

Fans in Tampa were loud after Kuch’ s 100th assist:

Matthews came up short of the 70-goal plateau

But he can still console himself because 69 goals is a lot.

Sheldon Keefe took the time to talk to him following the Leafs’ 6-4 loss:

3: What a great time in Pittsburgh

The Penguins and Islanders crossed swords in what was the final game of their respective seasons.

Patrick Roy’s team was able to qualify for the playoffs, while Pittsburgh’s wasn’t. But it was still a good game.

Sidney Crosby picked up an assist in the game to take his point total to 94 this season (42 goals), which is exceptional for a 36-year-old.

I can’t wait to see what kind of season he has in store for us at 37…

What we’ll remember most of all is the beautiful moment the Islanders players gave Jeff Carter after the game.

The Penguins veteran was playing his last career game… And the Isles players came to greet him one by one after the game.

Bravo, for real:

What’s really cool about all this is that Carter even scored in the game.

He was asked after the game what it was like to score in his last career game, assisted by none other than Sidney Crosby…

And Carter said it was “f*cking perfect”.

The Penguins may have lost 5-4, but at least Jeff Carter got to experience one hell of a moment.


– 2-1 Stars victory over the Blues.

– And they can thank Jake Oettinger :

– 20 goals for Warren Foegele.

– Top scorers of the night :


– Six games tonight in the NHL :

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