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Logan Mailloux: Alex Burrows sees Shea Weber in him
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
It was time to take stock today at the Tricolore. After a difficult season in terms of results, an atmosphere of optimism reigned at the CN Sports Complex in Brossard.

Alexandre Burrows, one of Martin St-Louis’ assistants, followed JiC’s lead by talking about young defensemen Logan Mailloux and Lane Hutson.

On the subject of Mailloux, Burrows was particularly impressed by his physicality last night. He was able to dose well, but give some hard-hitting checks too.

He particularly liked the one in the second period when Mailloux knocked down Lucas Raymond. He immediately told Trevor Letowski that this one hurt the Wings player.

Burrows didn’t stop there. He went on to mention that the 21-year-old defenseman was a physical mix of Alex Komisarek, Shea Weber and Lyde Odelein.

He concluded by reaffirming that he has Weber in his nose and that he’s going to scare opposing defenders sooner or later.

Obviously, his physical aspect is interesting for the Habs defensive brigade, but his mobility is a nice compliment to his game.

He has a nice package that will transfer well to the NHL. His progression defensively will be his biggest challenge, but that’s exciting.

On the other hand, Burrows was really impressed by Lane Hutson’s composure, especially in the offensive zone. He says he needs to bulk up physically, but has no doubt that the Habs defenseman will make every effort to be ready for training camp.

In gusto

– Ayoye.

– All set.

– Defeat for the Lions to start the playoffs.

– Changes to be expected.

– The Rocket will need all its little change.

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