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The Price family in Montreal for the Canadiens’ season finale
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

A few weeks ago, Angela Price (Carey’s wife) said she wasn’t closing the door on her family heading to Montreal for the Canadiens’ season finale…

Yesterday, she posted photos on Instagram mentioning that she would be taking the plane with her two daughters, but without her son…

And this morning, she posted a photo in her story where we see her wishing people good morning live from Montreal. The photo was posted at 11:02 a.m., but she’s on jet lag. So this is her morning.

(Credit: Instagram)

Conclusion? She’s in Montreal. Will she take the opportunity to see Julie Petry if she made the trip to town with Jeff’s team?

Her daughters are certainly present, as they were on the plane with her. We know her son isn’t there, but in another story, she said she could count on the family to help out with the kids.

So it’s only a step to say that yes, Carey Price isn’t available to look after his son because he’s with his wife and daughters to come to Montreal.

Even if we didn’t see it in the photos, let’s just say I’d be stunned if, on this day at the end of the Habs season, the former goalie wasn’t in town, but his wife was. I just don’t believe it… so I’ll assume he’ll be at the Bell Centre tonight.

It’s worth remembering that last year, Price attended the last game of the season. He was living in Montreal at the time, but still: he was there for the last game.

And he was applauded en masse.

Of course, in 2022, he was there too, but as a player. He was the starting goalie, won his only game of the season (out of five) and (unofficially) hung up his pads afterwards.

This morning, in my first article of the day, I raised the possibility of seeing Price at the game.

In gusto

– Logical.

– Already?

– Still.

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