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David Savard sees Montreal in the playoffs next year
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Since the start of the rebuild, we’ve seen progress at the Habs.

That progress is being made slowly…

But it’s still happening, and that’s what’s important at the end of the day.

If they win tonight’s game, the Habs will have finished the season with 77 points.

The last two seasons, it looked like this:

  • 22-49-11 in 21-22, good for 55 points
  • 31-45-6 in 22-23, good for 68 points
Here again, we see the team improving year on year. The club is on the right track, and at some point, the playoffs will be a possibility.

But when that “certain point” will come is anyone’s guess. David Savard had this to say to the media ahead of tonight’s final game of the season at the Bell Centre:

I think we’re capable of making the playoffs next year. – David Savard

It’s hard to say (or predict) because this year, the Canadiens have (again) been affected by injuries.

Kirby Dach hasn’t played all season, Alex Newhook has missed his share of games, David Savard too…

What’s more, there are some youngsters who will be even better next year.

That’s why it’s virtually impossible to get wet at the time of writing.

We understand that David Savard didn’t mean to say that the players don’t believe in the playoffs next season, but there’s a real sense of confidence in the words of a defenseman who has seen it all since his NHL debut.

All in all, if the Habs want to get there, they’ll need all their guys. The goalies will have to be solid, the first line will have to deliver as it has for the past forty games… And the defense will have to be better.

In short

– What’s your prediction for tonight’s game?

– The voice of the Bruins will retire at the end of the season.

– Can’t wait to see this.

– Come on, Rafa!

– Oh!

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